Friday, November 9, 2012

Frustrated Shelby

Shelby was deep asleep, enjoyed yet another trip to Dreamland when she was jolted awake by the conversations that the neighbors were involved in. She forced herself up and shot a glance at the bedside clock, rolled her eyes at their inconsideration. Instead of returning to sleep, she however stayed on the bed instead and figured that the neighbors will come to their senses and head off for the night, thus allowing her some peace.
    When the conversations however grew louder and accompanied by wailings, she could no longer hold it together and rose, yanked open her window. She couldn’t care less; she had been controlling herself from blaring at the neighbor ever since ear-deafening noises came from their house day and night.
    She wanted to vent her frustrations and smack some sense into their brains once and for all.
    She craned her neck out. “Eh,” she yelled at the top of her voice. “Who the hell do you think you are, making so much noise at this ungodly hour? It’s three-thirty, not six-fifteen!”
    The neighbor looked up at her, expression blank.
    “Why, you lack common sense! People want their sleep. Silence up now or I’m calling the cops.”
    It was merely a threat; it wasn’t like they wouldn’t believe her but it worked.
    “Okay,” the neighbor finally spoke, “okay.”
    “And one more thing, ask the children to behave themselves. Hearing them scream – no, yell – their lungs out is exasperating all of us! If you don’t, I’ll put you through the same… torture, which I’m capable of doing.”
    The neighbor nodded. “Okay.”
    Shelby yanked close the window with such force that the grille rattled with fear and sent a shock down that neighbor’s spine.
    It was never in her character to vent at someone in this way or even yell in their faces but desperate times called for desperate measures.
    It was not long after the vents that it became peaceful again. The neighbor, probably out of fear, finally called it a night and silenced his children.

Sigh, only if the venting will happen in real life.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have such awful neighbors. You really should talk to them about it, it doesn't sound fun to have people interrupting your sleep at odd hours. They should know better.

    1. Huai Bin, I've tried talking to them about it but my plea has fallen onto deaf ears. >.<

      At least they don't play Korean music at odd hours, like the neighbor at the old place does.

  2. Some neighbours can be so inconsiderate. I'm surrounded by them... Tsk! Tsk!

    1. That has to be tough, suituapui. How do you manage?

      I know I shouldn't be having this thought, but I feel like yanking the life out of that particular neighbor... =/


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