Monday, November 19, 2012

Food Review: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Subang Parade

CBTL merchandises - from cups to stirrer to the coffee machines -  up for sale


With an aching paw, I limped towards the barista and placed my order with her, enquired about the member card but there’s no rush to it. I’ll get that done with at another time.

After I collected my order from another barista and placed them on the table where we sat at, I literally dumped my weight on the couch and immediately changed into flats, leading Leigh along too. Thank God there were no blisters. Whew.

Now, before I bore you with my words, let's look at the pictures instead.

L to R: Iced Blended Berry'D Treasure at RM13.00 (S); Chicago Cheesecake at RM9.50 per slice

Berry’d Treasure froze my teeth at the first sip at that split second and left me speechless while I figured it all out. It carried to it a sweet and sour taste but more towards sour.

Chicago Cheesecake, as Leigh commented, had the lemony tang to it.

I don’t usually have this variation of the iced blended; more of a chocolate or vanilla fan but the last drink had given me a bad sore throat to deal with. I love their cappuccino too but it’s just that I was craving for a cold drink at that time.

I would always go for Chicago Cheesecake whenever I have the chance to stop by the nearest café; I have loved the taste all these years. And if it’s sold out, only then will I ask for another type.... and it will most likely be the Berry Cheesecake – the sweeter one.

The F&B section

Blame Papa Carrie for it. Who asked him to introduce the Iced Blended on the cold, winter's night at aged 7 at the same cafe?

The barista area (and that'd be Leigh's fingers. xD)

Another angle of the seating area

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,
Ground Floor,
Subang Parade


  1. Cheesecake is one of my all time fav desserts :-)

    1. It's my favorite too, Yum List, but I love cream cheese and cheddar cheese even more. xD

  2. Replies
    1. I haven't gotten round to sampling their breakfast, suituapui, but from the pictures, it looks tasty.

  3. berry pleasure.. looks yumm!! How does it taste like? overly sweet? does it taste very 'artificial'?;P hehehe..

    1. Nah, Eunice, it didn't taste artificial. It was a little too sweet for me that it froze my teeth, gave me that kind of kick that raw strawberry does.

      Or am I sugar-sensitive? =D


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