Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emotional Endorphines


With what had happened that morning, I shall openly admit that I'm not the best driver in town but I'm not the worst driver in town either! I've seen drivers who are far, far worse than me.

I was more than exasperated when the lady in black refused to budge and break the traffic congestion even after the Myvi - driven by a young lad, mind you - showed his color at her but she instead chose to dump the weight smack dead in the middle of the road and wait ... but wait for who? But what pushed me over the edge was her insistence on blocking the way for the cars coming from the opposite direction and literally stole my parking. Of all people, mine!

It's never in me to do what I actually did for the fear of my own safety but I guess it leaked out. I gave the lady a lioness's stare, which frightened her because she sat waiting in her car for me to disappear far, far away before she was even willing to step out.

As for the man who kept slamming his honks in annoyance for my actions, geez, I never even gave the lady the finger or yelled my head off at her. I'm not my parents. Live and let live, man. It's not like you've not stolen other people's parking spot before.

And it's not like my actions have meant the death of something or someone. The only downside is that you have to spend more time searching for another vacant parking bay which might be further away than the intended one. But trust me, I had to drive back down the hill and up again when I couldn't find a vacant parking bay.

So, swallow it with a pinch of salt.

I won’t splash any more annoyance and exasperation here as I was under the weather.

The original plan had been to meet up at Empire followed by the Deepavali out together but Mama Carrie suddenly stepped in with another suggestion, which we both agreed upon and executed since it was on the way back. I guess I’m unfamiliar with the place because I actually missed the entrance to the meeting place.

Heh, told you I'm not the best driver in town.

I never could understand the hype over bubble tea. It’s just red tea with fresh milk and black pearls. And sweet. Guess the person who bought me that cup forgot to ask the barista for extra less sugar.

With that behind in the past memory, I bought a cup and sampled it for myself. The cashier had asked me for the topping but I eventually decided that I’ll scratch on it and have it plain as it is. Ciana just doesn’t fancy those QQ (chewy) pearls.

Kiwi and Strawberry Fruit Jelly (or Tea, I can't remember; never had the chance to keep the receipt), RM 5.90

The verdict?

It didn’t taste special; it tasted surprisingly normal with the taste of the strawberry overpowering the kiwi. Perhaps it’s supposed to be the sweet-and-sour type of a drink. It’s common sense; strawberry can be both sweet and sour and the kiwi, well, it’s sour.

If I’m ever having bubble tea again, I need to go for the ones that allow me to request for a 70% sugar reduction. No wonder my molar tooth felt like it’s falling off…

Sigh, I would have wished if Toys ‘R Us had sold the Blue’s Clues-related merchandise. I really missed the show in its original language and wouldn’t mind buying “Blue” or “Magenta” as an early birthday present. Almost wanted to buy a present for someone’s birthday, but suddenly realized that there’s an ample time for me to search for that perfect present. No, no, not Leigh’s birthday.

Leigh suddenly suggested out of the blue to browse through Popular and we were both elated when we learnt that the clearance sale wasn’t just limited to the members. I had intended on buying home a book even without the sale, but since it’s open for all, why not? She didn’t buy anything but a Japanese anime DVD, but I bought two books on impulse instead.

1. “The Best of Me” by Nicholas Sparks
2. “Late Night Talking” by Leslie Schnur

And these, in addition to the rest of the items I have, will follow me when I’m packing up for the departure to Napa Valley.

Spent the whole afternoon yesterday reading "The Best of Me" but being me, I like to skip all the way to the epilogue to learn of the ending before I read the book from scratch again.

You want to know the spoiler? Nay, but what I'll mention is that the secret that Katie had tried her best to keep eventually revealed itself and confronted her. 

Again, I managed to squeeze a bit of time to read the book but it didn't leave me enthusiastic. Mind you, if you're going to buy this book, just be aware that there are the dreaded four-letter word inside.

I observed that the character didn't live the life that she had planned for herself and instead landed a job that was far, far from her expectations.

[Screams out loud, "Oh my goodness, I forgot to save the draft copy! Allow me to yell out loud for my carelessness, thank you."]

Ah, that's better.

Sorry about it, let's continue...

Because we couldn’t find any more interesting shops to browse, we crossed the street and landed in Subang Parade. If you’ve not known about it, Empire is the smaller but upscale neighborhood mall whereas Parade is the oldest mall in the district with lots of history to boot – good and bad.

I wasn’t sure if Leigh’s feet hurt from the heels but mine certainly hurt. And I eventually gave up, allowed the pain to show in my walking. If you were there, I walked as if I was limping. I really thought that I was earning myself blisters – and we would have had it if it weren’t for the timely footwear change at Coffee Bean. Not that we were starving. (I’ll have more on that in another post.)

With full stomachs and in comfortable footwear, we headed off to the first fashion store we could find and I happened to notice Blook. It had caught my attention the last time I was in the upscale neighborhood of Bangsar for some work-related stuff but never really took a good look at the items they carried.

Seeing that there was a sale going on inside, we ventured inside and browsed through their racks. I figured that I would window shop and shortlist the list of pieces that I like before I return again with Mama Carrie to pick up the tab but who knew that instead of that happening, I fell in love with two pieces of shirt and had a tough time choosing it due to its price and maintenance? In the end, I decided that I’d take the one with less maintenance but I felt the pinch when I paid RM69 for it.

So many days later, I’m still not sure if it was worth the splurge. Books and magazines are alright, because I can have it claimed. Don’t ask me why and how, I won’t tell, but if you do a bit of researching, you can find the answer. >=D

I’m still wondering how to explain it to Mama Carrie when I take it back from Leigh on our next outing together. Mama Carrie doesn’t like me splurging on clothes without her there because she feels that my fashion sense has always been out of the roof. Trust me; I have gone out far too many times in attires that were a failed attempt on mix-and-match.

She’s somewhat like my fashion adviser.

I took after Papa Carrie, all right. We both don’t know how to mix and match the right pieces together.

But then again, it can be considered as an early birthday present.

Heh, I’ll figure that out when the time comes. And yes, Ciana's birthday is on the way.

As if that wasn’t enough, while Leigh was at Dorothy Perkins trying on some pieces, I slid to Seed where I found two pieces of clothing that I like: a cardigan and a white shirt with black decorations but I settled for the shirt because I can’t afford to splash another 70 bucks on clothing again.

As surprising as it was, the outing had temporarily settled the nerves that had built up from the neighborhood stress.


  1. Good for you for standing up to that lady driver. I wouldn't recommend doing it at night though.

    Sorry to hear your neighbor troubles are still there. :x

    1. Well, HB, that's the only choice I had. I just couldn't yell the lady's head off... but don't worry, I will never do that at night. My Dad has warned me on that before.

      Well, regarding that, I guess I'll just have to live and let live on that one while I pray to God for help to keep my sanity in check...

  2. i usually order less sugar, less ice @ chat time. =)

    1. That's why I'm intending to do on my next trip, Smit'n. I'm going to ask for no sugar at all. =)

      Had I known that the drink I ordered would only allow me a reduction of 50% sugar, I'd gone for another variation.

  3. it needs lots of patience and courtesy in driving :) i hope people learn them..

    Latest: Baby White is Camera Shy!

    1. Yes, I agree. I'm afraid to admit, Fish, that not all of the drivers in town are patient and courteous and not all of them are willing to learn until they are served with a ticket (abroad) from the traffic cop. >.<"


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