Sunday, November 25, 2012


The following story would always be loosely based on his health issue and how it almost mentally broke his wife.

The familiar smell of the hospital slammed into her face as she entered the old wing and could remember how it had offended her stomach on her every visit; how she had bravely went through an ingrown toenail surgery alone; how she enjoyed her three nights’ stay in the ward; how the OT nurses tried their best to soothe her young nerves and more.
    She knew where she headed and slipped into the first elevator that opened.
    There was a pang of familiarity which she tried hard to suppress as she exited, made her way to the Critical Care Unit. Her heart instantly cracked when she saw her friend on the hospital bed with the wires surrounding his weak body. He looked like he had been dragged through purgatory and back with his color faded into a pale grey.
    Tears burnt her eyes as she sat beside him, pressed his limp hands against her forehead with a silent prayer. It had only been yesterday morning that they were together and shared the lovely but expensive breakfast before she left for her business trip out of town.
    When the news arrived at her doorstep, it numbed her to her core and she refused to believe it, denied that it had happened. But now that she was here seated beside him, it was all true.
    His admittance.
    His touch-and-go condition.
    She shook her head, allowed the tears to roll down her cheeks. She knew that she had to be strong and could not tumble in this time of trial and pain but there was a part of her that wanted to scream her lungs out and question God for His actions.
    "Please," she finally croaked. "Please, God, there's only so much I can take but losing him, I cannot take. I'm begging you; please don't take him home with You now. Guide him and us to successfully overcome this obstacle..." 

Three hours later.
    After the discussion with the doctor attending to her love's case, she exited the hospital in a dazed state. The doctor had warned her that if her love does regain consciousness, there was a chance that he would be a vegetable and would no longer be a normal person.
    "And what if he doesn't regain consciousness?" she asked, feared the worst.
    "Then, you might want to consider taking him off life support."


  1. Sad...but sometimes, it is best to let go, though some religions would not hear of it.

    1. Yes, suituapui, I agree with you.

      I had personally experienced that too. It was hard letting go but on the other hand, it was for the best. No more sufferings, no more pain.

      The story's however not based on my experience. =)

  2. Its scary when our loved one falls ill. The strength and sanity to go through it all is crazy!

    1. Going through it wasn't easy for the acquaintance's wife and daughter, Eve. They both lost a tremendous amount of weight and I could barely recognize them.

      My own experience was just that bad. Between the hospital and home, there wasn't much time for me to stop and catch a breath.

  3. That's a really touching and sad story. :x

    Take care and all the best!

    1. Thanks, Huai Bin, but there's even a sadder story in the works.

      I sure hope I didn't make you cry reading it. =)

      You take care too, yeah?


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