Monday, December 17, 2012

Blackened Anger, Rotten Displeasure

Even though it’s been at least five hours now, I’m still flaming with fury and exasperation with a particular person!

To the Sarawakian uncle who flew in and scooped every packet of the Angelica, that was bloody unfair of you! Not only was it very selfish of you, it was uncalled for too! Just because you’ve flown in from the other side of the country for this item doesn’t mean first preference – especially when you left not even a packet behind!!

Excuse me; you’re not the only one who needs the herb, all right! And you’ll never be. Others like me, who have issues with their internal system, need to drink it on a frequent basis for us to recover from our ailments. Tell me, how in the world do you expect us to wait a week and our various conditions to improve when you, in your selfish state, swept the aisle clean, sparking clean?!

Do you mean to say that if I were to fly in from Singapore or even Thailand that I can be just as selfish as you are and leave hearts in fury at me? Please, neither do I eat this excuse nor do I bother if you’re not a local. If you want to buy in bulk, order it directly from the farmer instead of leaving other shoppers in flames of fury!

I drove all the way from my little recluse in the self-sufficient suburb, hoping to pounce on just a packet – or maybe 2 packets, no more than that - of the herb for my health issues after a lapse of fortnight and this is what I get in return?!

A wasted trip, all because of your inconsideration!


Don’t let my eyes fall on you; I will give you the trademark stare and a lecturing punch for your inconsideration and selfishness! Oh, please don’t talk to me about manners when you’re lacking ‘em.

You know what? You can take your so-called exclusive rights and be gone, far away from me! Never ever appear in my sight, or I’ll give you the trademark stare and a lecturing punch!

Maybe that will teach you a lesson or two in civic-consciousness. Answer me, how would you like it if you’re in my shoes?

Since you’ve deeply exasperated me, I’m prepared to boycott the store until at such time when my anger towards you has slowly tapered away. If you think you’re so grand, go ahead. Go and infuriate all the customers and chase them away in their fury and you be the only one sustaining the income flow of the store! Then, we’ll see whether you are that grand as you think are.


  1. yikes. i hope you've found another place where you've managed to get some angelica by now, ya...

    1. Hey there, Sean.

      Nope, I haven't found the place yet. This is the only store selling it, sigh. =(

  2. I apologize for the behavior of a fellow Sarawakian. :x

    Yeah, I agree that if buying in extreme bulk e.g. getting every single packet of something on sale on particularly desirable/wanted/needed items should be regulated by the person's conscience or just order it in advance.

    I hope the store restocks their angelica soon!

    1. It's okay, Huai Bin. I know you feel obliged, but you don't have to apologize for what the Uncle did. There's always karma, right?

      Anyway, the farmer promised to bring more packets on her next delivery (on this coming Monday), but I told her that it was of no use. If the Uncle could have done it once, he could easily do it again.

      And maybe someone else would again infuriate me this time. =(


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