Friday, December 7, 2012

Who doesn't want to be 18 again?

I know 18 was a story of just a couple of years ago for me. Oops, did I just unintentionally reveal my calendar age?


Like everyone else, I will jump at the chance to be 18 again and undo all the mistakes I’ve done.

How reminiscent the video is!

I’m writing this post while I’m listening to the song and it’s bringing me back to my 18-year-old self.

Sounds familiar?

It's the theme song for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that was directed by Ang Lee and won the Best Foreign Language Film at the 73rd Academy Awards.

This is the English version of the same name, A Love Before Time:

I'll let you decide which version you like best. =)


  1. Both versions has it own plus points...

    I don't want to be 18 again...but if I can turn the clock back, I'll like to be 15.

    1. Hey there, Eve! I personally prefer the Mandarin version as I find that it relates to the movie's plot even better.

      Don't worry, I'm not going to ask why. =)

  2. i'm double the age of 18. i think i'd wanna go back to maybe 30 =)

    1. Hey there, Sean!

      You are? You look young in the picture, you know. Well, I guess 30 must have contained special memories for you. =)

  3. Indeed! This is the dream that's universal. :)

    I'll love to go back to 18 again and re-live it. I would still make a lot of the same decisions but some major mistakes I would seek to avoid and choose a different path in life.

    How nice if we could do that. Heh.

    Ah well, it's a good fantasy, but alas life is life. :D

    1. If I can go back to the ages of between 13 to 18, I'll definitely insist for my parents to send me straight to California. There are personal reasons for that. =)

      I guess the only thing we can do now, Huai Bin, is to learn from our mistakes and happily move on (?)

    2. Indeed! In fact I think the further back one can go the better it is (on the caveat that you keep all your memories of course).

      Oh well, such is life, moving on.

      All the best! :D

    3. I however don't wish that I'm able to keep all of my memories if I ever go back to the days of old.

      My childhood memories, it would pretty much be better to leave it buried in the treasure chest six feet under.

      Thanks and all the best to you too. =)

  4. I would like to be 18 again, BUT only if I had the knowledge that I do know to do it wisely.


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