Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day's Outing with Uniqlo

Gee, I guess I managed to squeeze in some time tonight – even though I’m dead exhausted – to write this post.

Found this buried among other pictures on my cell phone.

A white Christmas tree in Ikano – decorated by nothing but Barbie dolls! =O

Who would have expected it? A brand new store opening attracting a huge crowd of at least at least a thousand folks at the time of my arrival and from what I heard from the employees, people had started waiting there since around 8.15 am.

Yes, I’m talking about Uniqlo’s newest store in Paradigm Mall.

The employee whom I had a small talk with mentioned that the store was supposed to be opened at only 10 am sharp but since there were too many humans there, they had no choice but to push forward their opening time. Talk about wanting to be there before 10am!

This was the queue at 10.15am – when I arrived.

and on...

and on...

Spent an hour plus queuing and queuing until our paws ached terribly. Not worth the wait, I tell you. The store had too narrow a space and contained too many a human. *roll eyes*

The fellow shoppers ended up shoving me here and there whenever they wanted to cross without the magic words of “excuse me” or “sorry”. Hey, where did the manners run to?

And me being me, I was getting exasperated with the huge crowd and the behavior until my voice rose an octave. I’m not easily angered by anything but the little temper that I had flared into a full-blown warning when this kid pulled his stroller towards me without even giving a crap! He kept yanking it until the wheels of the baby stroller knocked my ankle!

I yelled a “Doonnnnntttt!” in an annoyed but not exasperated tone while Mama Carrie shot the mother an angry stare. Don’t ever anger Mama Carrie; she, I tell you, can pierce you to the ground where you’re standing at with those stare of hers.

I didn’t care if he screamed and cried for attention as I was already exasperated and if nothing is done to rectify the matter, I might just throw the basket down on the floor and leave the store with a blackened face.

So, when he was successfully pulled away from me and brought elsewhere, I held tight to the shopping basket that I had been carrying for dear life while I inhaled a couple of deep breaths, mentally telling myself to “cool it”. And another lady – this time, an older one – had the nerve to jump queue. She was lucky in the sense that I was a foot faster than her otherwise there will be two things: one, I will make a comment right in her face that it’s really rude to jump the queue or two, I’ll shoot a nasty, angry stare at her.

Mama Carrie being Mama Carrie, she demanded that we return in the late afternoon to buy more pairs of the straight skinny jeans since it fitted us like a glove.

And so, we braved the traffic congestion and headed out back to Paradigm again. *shakes head*

I was half-expecting us to be rounding the area, having a difficulty looking for a vacant parking bay but there was a reserved one for us – right at the doorstep, wow! Thank You, God!

She had the background and experience in sales and marketing and was pretty much confident that the crowd would be lesser because those who had bought earlier in the morning might only return tomorrow, not in the same day.

So, I guess she was right. It was certainly a different scene; it didn’t look like it was a newly-opened store.

There was however still a long queue at the fitting room but it wasn’t as bad. You should’ve seen it in the morning. It was so long that the end of the queue almost reached the entrance!

Truth be told, we were pretty lazy to join the queue and give those pair of jeans another try. There is always a risk when you do that because you never know if the size is right for you and if the item accentuates/flatters your figure.

We browsed through the mall in an attempt to kill time (hence the Christmas pictures below) and 2 hours later with 60 bucks poorer, we finally called it a day.

If you really want to know the person in the above picture, take a guess … and take a wild one. *winks*

The opening sale will end on this Sunday, 9th Dec. If you’re not sure where it is, Uniqlo (LG-02) has Sephora and H&M as its neighbors.

My advice to you is this:

1) Be prepared to join the long queue to the fitting room and to the cashiers (unless you’re able to be there at the off-peak hours.)

2) If you can, wear a skirt/dress or a pair of khakis. It’ll help if you decide to skip the long queue and try it there and then over your own piece of clothing.


  1. Replies
    1. Utter madness it was, Kar Wyai. An aunty lost her temper at her husband at the sight of the long queue to the fitting room. Her face was painted with exasperation.

      Thinking back, I won't do it all over again. It's exhausting.

      P.S. I'll need to seek your help on the directions home when I see you. I so need the shortcut. =)

  2. Gosh..this uniqlo is like a storm. I remembered the one in Sunway. It was crazy. And those Xmas carriage decorations is really nice. Reminded me of the one in Pavilion. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sycookies, up until today, I am still unsure why we decided to join the morning queue. >.< I had heard about the Sunway one but I wasn't too keen in joining the long queue.

      I think the Christmas decoration in Pavilion is much nicer and prettier. No problem! =D If you want, you can swing by the blog's Facebook page to look at more Christmas pictures.

  3. Nice! I used to go around the malls to take photos of their Christmas decorations! :)

    Wild guess: That person is you? :D

    1. I did exactly that last year, Huai Bin.

      Truth be told, if it weren't for the sale, I don't think I'll ever enter Paradigm. Because we've been frequenting the LDP quite often, I saw how fast the mall was being built.

      Yeah, that's me. =D


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