Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dome Cafe and Coffee Bean, Subang Parade

It was during the lunch hour when we made it to Dome and were fortunate enough to have been seated without waiting. The waiter had left us with the menu to ponder over the variety of dishes that the restaurant offered and to decide with a final choice.

"There is so much to choose from!"

Someone - I'd like to think that he's the captain or supervisor because he wore a different uniform - arrived at our table after 10 minutes (a rough guess; not that I was actually counting) and received our orders that were passed on to the kitchen to prepare.

And during the waiting period, Kar Wyai revealed to me that she heard that Dome has always been a favorite haunt for the Subangites who patronize Parade often.

Can someone shed some light on this?

Iced Lemon Tea, RM 11.00 (special request: no sugar, please)

The balance of the red tea and lemon juice is very important; if there is more red tea, the whole drink will taste like lemon-infused Ceylon tea and if there is more lemon, it will leave you wincing at the acidity instead.

The first sip impressed my taste buds; even though I had requested for no sugar, the drink still contained the balance that I wanted, with not too much acidity or too much tea.

Just the perfect concoction.

Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise, RM 25.00

There is, unfortunately, nothing to shout about.

I had thought that there will be a generous amount of tomato sauce coating the spaghetti and when the dish was placed in front of me, we both observed that the texture looked limp. It was alright but not tasty to the point that you'll polish the plate clean, anyway.

The sad fact is that the minced meat had overpowered the whole dish, overpowered the spaghetti and the tomato sauce.

The balance had to be packed home, and when I reheated it for lunch the next day, even the salmon fish that I had thrown in for a change couldn't save the day.

Eggs Hollandaise, RM 18.00

Kar Wyai's final choice was on this dish after flipping the menu back and forth twice and I'll let her express her comments on it:"It tasted quite dry. Lucky for the hollandaise sauce. Would have prefer more sauce. But the eggs were cooked really well, just the way I like it: poached nicely."

Heavenly Scones, RM 7.50

I knew that I wanted this when I first laid eyes on the menu.

Since it has been a long while since my last scone adventure, the air was full of culinary nervousness. The first slice revealed a texture that was neither too dry nor too moist; a perfect one, indeed.

The dessert, I'll have to say, has been aptly christened; the creaminess shot me straight up to the scone heaven, with the right amount of butter blocks being used in the baking process.

The taste and texture is similar to the ones I've had in Cameron Highlands, and I'll give kudos to the baker for going easy on the sugar. Nothing like a terribly sweet scone to ruin the whole palate.

There are accompanying bowls of cream and strawberry jam, but the scones are good to go on their own.

The best dish of the day, if I may add.

Address: Dome Cafe,
G17, Ground Floor,
Subang Parade,
No.5, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Tel: 03-5632 1799


Landmarks: Blook and Poh Kong

As if the lunch wasn't enough to satiate the appetite, Kar Wyai suggested that we return to Coffee Bean and sample their cakes for dessert, sharing the slice between us. Seeing that I had a voucher, why not utilize it here and now?

Left: Mocha Cheesecake (RM 9.50, slice)

We had ordered this version based on the cashier's recommendation. Seeing that it was a recently-introduced cake, we both figured that we could sample it. Mocha was softer and moist; it carried more fluffiness to it than the fudge cake.

"the mocha is so MOCHA!!! haha.."

(A quick check with Coffee Bean Malaysia's website would reveal that it's a cousin to the coffeehouse's specialty, Chicago Cheesecake.)

Right: Chocolate Fudge Cake (price not sure, as Kar Wyai paid for this)

She stood in front of the chiller, debated between two to three choices of cakes before returning to the table with this slice.

Almost at an instant, the richness of the cake hijacked my taste buds and induced a chocolate attack, and as for Kar Wyai, "the chocolate cake is the harder type (skinny devil chocolate cake is it?), not the soft moist type. Very rich with chocolate, but can be overwhelming for 1 person."

Each bite coated the palate before it glided down the throat with ease, maintaining the strong taste of mocha. The sweetness, however, constantly knocked me out with a sugar high at the end of each bite.

Swedish Berry (RM 10.80, regular-sized)

Sure, it'll be sweet; in fact, it is berry-licious sweet but with that being said, there was no such experience of a brain freeze, unlike the Iced Blended Berry'd Treasure that I had months ago.

Chicago Cheesecake (RM 9.50, slice)

This, I had bought home to be enjoyed at a later time. xD

The first bite revealed to me that the texture is tougher than the mocha, and sweeter than the fudge cake. Have this with Coffee Bean's cappuccino, and it'd be a match made in heaven. =)

What I like about this cake is that there are traces of cheese inside.

Address: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,
G25C, Ground Floor,
Subang Parade,
No.5, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Tel: 03-5611 6981

Landmarks: Dave's Deli and Levi's


  1. Good grief! Tea at RM11.00!!! *faints* Expensive...but I wouldn't mind the Eggs Hollandaise and the scones. No cheesecake for me, thank you very much.

    1. suituapui, I didn't look at the price before I made the order. >.<"

      If you're ever coming down to Subang Jaya, let me know. I might be able to treat you to Dome's Egg Hollandaise. =D

      Cheesecake's lovely, though.

  2. Wah, you're skipping from one cafe to another? Both my fave places :)

    1. I don't usually do that, Shirley, as I'm usually satiated after a meal but since Kar Wyai and I both pretty much love Coffee Bean, we figured that we'd save some space for lovely cakes. xD


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