Friday, June 14, 2013

Sydney, We Won!

After all these times, I have finally squeezed some time out from an insanity-inducing life to draft proper blog posts, all scheduled to be posted within the coming week.

Do you still remember that just about 4 weeks ago, I had written a post about panda's food? There, it was for Luxury Haven's Vesak Day Giveaway?

The reason why I had brought it up again is because.....

*drum roll, please*

cre8tone and I have been picked as the winners for the Malaysian blogosphere!!!

Knowing that the voucher had a certain time frame, I browsed through Foodpanda's list of restaurants and after planning my own research, I settled for the e@Curve branch of House Restaurant as it was rather convenient for me.

I'm quite a regular at Ikano now. =D

I would certainly have loved to choose a restaurant that is located in the self-sufficient suburb, but there just wasn't much choice here.

Allow me some time; I'll be posting the food review up shortly.

Last but not least, I want to thank Shirley for providing all the bloggers with the opportunity to participate in the Giveaway, and to offer my congratulations to my fellow winner.


  1. Omigosh, congratulations! Here's hoping u had a hearty and satisfying meal!

  2. Ciana, I'm so happy for u & Kylie! Congrats again & keep your entries coming!!

    1. Thank you a lot, Shirley! I'll definitely do so. =)


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