Friday, June 7, 2013

Schooling Days

Does this mean to say that I'm not looking forward to an additional year at college? *drops head on keyboard*

I dreamt that it was our first day back at school after the year-end holidays. All of the students had burst in, amazed and surprised at the current seating arrangements that were curved around the teacher's table and the blackboard instead of the usual columns of seats facing her.

The first lesson was a lesson in cursive writing in both English and Malay (which I had difficulties with) and raised my hand for help, attracted her attention.

When classes were over for the day, it was off to Coffee Bean with a classmate.

I'll admit that I've a voracious appetite for the coffeehouse in real life; if I had my way, I'll be soothing my cravings monthly, not biannually. =D

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