Sunday, June 23, 2013

The long-forgotten route to Subang Parade

With the cloudy and hazy air leaving me glued indoors with resentment and boredom, I'll have to momentarily break away from today's post and vent my frustrations at the lack of rain. The only relief now is rain, be it natural or artificial.

If this situation were to continue, there's only one road: the PSI in Klang Valley will worsen, sending almost everyone crawling to the hospital with respiratory illnesses.

And the haze is expected to last until August!

As sad as it sounds, we had grazed past this subject before, and seeing that since the flight departure to the lovely refuge neared, this was the right time to remain true to our word and meet up again for the one final time - at Subang Parade.

Oh, guess what I had found in Jaya Grocer?

A variety of plum named after my friend! Coolies! =O

I had arrived earlier to deal with the groceries and some other errands and with the extra time that I had, I browsed through Parkson and finally hovered towards Dome when I was bored, waited until Kar Wyai arrived.

She hadn't known that I was already there until I whispered her name aloud when she passed me by. After the usual hugs and words, it was time to satiate the cravings.

When she whined that I had presented her with far too many presents, I confessed that I can't afford to screw up my chances again, especially with what I went through with our mutual friend.

Her: "I can't believe that he has forgotten you."
Me: "If a photograph of your birthday party can't shake his memory up, then I'm afraid the whole friendship thing is as good as dead."
Her: "And you two were neighbors, right?"
Me (scowling at the mutual friend): "Yes."

I wouldn't blame her for that; it's been embedded in me. =/

After lunch, we walked around the mall like a herd of lost sheep, unsure of our next plan and saw the following: J&Co Donuts had taken the retail lot that Delifrance had once occupied for a decade and now that they have moved somewhere else, Big Apple Donuts filled up the space; Chatime occupied a comfortable kiosk behind; and Desserts Bar was replaced by another F&B outlet, whose name have since slipped away from the mind.

MPH was ahead of us, and we headed inside. A quick browse through the aisles of literary classics and romance novel led me to purchase the books that I have longed for a while now: Dante's Inferno and Nicholas Sparks's The Choice.

Plus Jane Green's Family Pictures, and just for these three books, I was RM 110 poorer.

The hobby of reading would be best pursued in the States or some other Western countries, where reading as a past time is encouraged by the school.

Dessert was next; and without much hesitation, Coffee Bean was the mutual choice.

As the day approached and with Teochew Mama needed to see the Chinese physician, we broke off and bid each other adieu and wished each other luck in whatever decisions that we'd make in the near future.

On our drive home, we had to battle the traffic congestion everywhere. =/ Pfft!


  1. Weather is getting terrible!

    Take good care ya!

    1. It's getting worse too, Hayley, with no end in sight. =(

      I'll definitely do so, and I hope you take good care too.

  2. yeah, it looks like we'll all be scampering indoors for much of the next few weeks at least. it not only makes me want to make a shopping mall my permanent home, it makes me half-wish i could move to a country with a cooler climate, heh :D gosh, i think it's been years since my last visit to subang parade. i should return someday to check it out. i probably wouldn't recognize the interior anymore...

    1. Staying indoors is not a problem for me, Sean, but when I can't leave the windows open, now that's a big, big issue. Moving to a cooler weather? Well, I've been having that wish for so long now.

      You should. The mall looks different now, and the management has significantly improved on the parking system.

  3. Subang Parade is the mall I will go when I think I don't want to waste my time searching for car park..I hate the cinema though because the first bad experience I had. It stinks!

    1. Really, Yee Ling?

      I thought that as Parade doesn't have as many parking bays as Pyramid, there will be parking issues. But then again, we don't usually park the car at Parade.

      I'm so sorry to hear of your experience. I've not been to the cinema either. =(

  4. Haven't been to Subang Parade for years and years...since the 90's, I think.

    1. suituapui, the whole mall looks different now.

      I mean, some of the tenants have remained there all these years but the management has refurbished the building, upgraded the parking system and such. =)

  5. OMG, u're also fan of Dan Brown & Nicholas Sparks??? Well, we've got more in common! Bought Inferno too! Let me know if NS's latest novel is good, yah?

    1. Um, Shirley, yes, I'm a fan of Nicholas Sparks, but the "Inferno" I mentioned was the one written by Dante Aligheri, not Dan Brown.

      Oh, "The Choice" isn't his latest novel. There's one coming out, but it's only be to launched in September and God knows when it'll reach the bookstores in MY and SG. The one I have is "The Best of Me", and it's not bad; it reminded me of an acquaintance whom I'm barely speaking to now.


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