Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why must I be harrassed?

I dreamt that on one weekend morning, I drove to a friend's doggie farm and easily killed the time playing with her puppies. One was rather pampered with me; it kept stretching itself in front of me the same way that Big Fat does.

After extracting myself from a complicated case at work the next day, I headed for a higher-ranking colleague's cubicle to air my grievance and shortly after I had sat down and related the story, I felt the cold butt of a Smith Weston on my neck, freezing just as my colleague froze, her eyes widening with horror. It was in that moment that we both know that the handgun-wielding fella was a disgruntled colleague of ours, who wanted an explanation for what the high-ranking colleague did.

In reality, I have a feeling that it signaled a sense of being caught in the middle with my hands shackled behind my back, in a dilemma that I want out and away from.


  1. yikes. that's a bit of a scary dream, swinging from a friendly puppy to an armed-and-angst-ridden person, yeah. times like these, i'm grateful i usually don't recall any of my dreams, cos i have a feeling they'd also be quite unsettling, sigh...

  2. Hope you're feeling alright now!

    Take care!


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