Sunday, November 13, 2011


She, the boyfriend and their best friend had finished having a coffee together and since the two guys want to have a private chat, she walked away and browsed a shop that was rented to both a boutique and make-up accessories before she exited the shopping mall to cool down the piping hot vehicle that was “sun tanning” itself.

She received an incriminating evidence via a text message and looked up to see them walking towards her with a smile. For the first time in her life, it infuriated her. She lost all her restraint and showed the MMS to them, demanding a reasonable explanation from her boyfriend. But before he could answer, she collapsed due to the anger that had taken over her body.

Credits to Temasya Glenmarie for the image

The boyfriend stayed by her side, keeping a close eye on her. He wanted to tell her that he will never have the heart to betray her as he had always loved her all these while. He wanted to tell her that he was being set-up by someone….. (I could have clearly remembered the dream if Mama Carrie hadn’t decided to shove me out of bed.)

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