Monday, November 28, 2011


I was playing The Sims when Mama Carrie insisted that I follow her down to the shopping floor below to catch a couple of items since there was a clearance promotion for the perishable items. We were actually living in a duplex in a serviced condominium and two of the many bedrooms with attached bathrooms were rented to close friends of mine whom I regarded as my brothers.

I bumped into a Taiwanese celebrity duo who insisted that I return home straight away as there was a bad man lurking on the premise. And I thought I saw him loitering around the shopping area as I entered the residents lobby area.

I don't know what this is as I found it in one of Mama Carrie's folders.

I panicked for my housemates as they weren't home yet and from what I later heard, when the clock struck ten p.m., all the doors were locked and the elevators suspended to enhance their efforts of capturing the man. The unlucky ones trapped inside the building were led to an air-conditioned safe room (with an attached bathroom, obviously) where they had to wait until the coast was clear.

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