Sunday, November 27, 2011

Argh, I want to throw in the towel!!

My patience is at an all-time low.

Not only do I have a non-branded computer, it restarts on its own and the screen freezes whenever I'm in the middle of something. Bah, if it's in the middle of a game, it's fine but not when I'm writing a document! There is unfortunately no restart button like all other CPUs and I've to resort to switching the plugs off and on if I want to continue where I have left off.

My parents aren't willing to buy a branded computer because of its price, which I don't blame them. But I do hope that they don't wait until I'm deprived of the access before they give my request a thought. I mean, I could send it down to the computer shop if I'm desperate, but what if it's fit for the trash instead?

I'm thankful that I managed to save a copy of most of my important files on the thumb drive as I'm not willing to lose it all without the backup copy, but I'm hoping that it won't die on me like the previous time. I had the bad experience of losing everything when my first thumb drive wanted to be reformatted.

Because the computer is so out of its mind, I have to use Mama Carrie's notebook to update and she's worried that I could contaminate hers with some virus from some website. Seriously, if my computer is really fit for the trash, I think I'll bring it outside and whack it into pieces in a fit of rage. I'll throw in the towel and pull myself away from the online world. This is an electrical item we're talking about, not some computer accessory like a keyboard.

I'm exasperated as my neighbor's young children is literally driving me insane with their over-the-top voices. That is not to say that I have a grudge against children, but I will turn tail at the sight of a young, playful child.

Don't ask me why, it's been embedded in my veins.


  1. That is unfortunate. You should save up, gradually for it. I'm sure you can afford one in a few months or so. Maybe some shops offer the laptop in monthly payment - well, I'm not familiar in how the electrical shops work in Malaysia.

    I would be angry too at them for being loud. My flatmate's boyfriend regularly stay over and he is so load, I can hear him from my room. Urgh.

  2. Thank you for your advice, Izra. They do, but I believe it's for credit card purchases. Moreover, I don't know if the laptop that I buy here could be used abroad.

    The worst is that they don't know that they're being loud. And when we politely tell them, they look at us like it's none of our business.


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