Friday, November 11, 2011

A Star Cruise Holiday

Credits to Star Cruises for the image of SuperStar Aquarius

Since our mutual friend was hosting some kind of party on her father's cruise ship, she extended the invitation to the twelve of us. I had a private and guided tour of the ship since I was the earliest. When I had returned to the "lobby", I bumped into the other eleven of us.

Two of whom are friends in reality, but I won't drop their names.

I'll spare them the privacy this time round.

It was at sunset that he remembered that he wanted to buy some gifts from the souvenir shop and pleaded with me to come along. I wasn't sure why he had wanted me to come along but since I was heading in the same direction, why not?

He laid an arm across my shoulder as we walked away from the group. I was stunned, but I think I hid my feelings well. And I thought I heard whispers in the background.

Call me sensitive, but I didn't want any misunderstandings to occur. It stunned me to my core because I was fully aware that he was happily committed to someone in the dream - and in real life.

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