Thursday, November 10, 2011

A God-given Gift

I woke up frightened from my sleep to someone sitting at the foot of my bed. It didn’t matter how the person slithered inside my room without disturbing me; I was already frightened. He poured out to me that he needed my help to mediate between his mother and his wife, who were having issues with the execution of his will.

I was thinking that their family matters were none of my business, but I unwillingly agreed since the person in front of me was a ghost, not a human being. How can one think straight when they’re petrified?

Temporarily putting it behind my head, I swung by a friend’s small restaurant for a meal and to strike a conversation with him about that case. He said that he had heard about it, but was very vague about it and led to me to the case handler. I nodded my thanks and swung by her workplace to have a word with her on this. I told her that I had dreamt that the man in the afterlife came to me for help as he couldn’t take the animosity between his mother and his wife any longer. She was kind enough to guide me to another office, where I ended up walking into an argument match between two colleagues.

Credits to the Supreme Court of Japan for the image

I caught them walking out of the High Court and told them about it but both of them shot a sneer at me and walked off. They obviously don’t believe in the afterlife or the paranormal and it complicated things even further.

This was the best I could remember from the dream.

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