Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome back, Empire Gallery!

Serai, I thought you were opened, you know.

Since we were free, we swung by Empire Gallery the day it reopened after six weeks of upgrading and repair works. To refresh everyone's minds, there was an explosion in the wee hours of September 28th, shattering the windows and causing damage to the retail lots. It caused a traffic congestion the whole day as traffic policemen were dispatched to redirect the vehicles while firemen and arson investigators entered the building, searching for any evidence that will help to determine the cause of the explosion.

It was later determined to be a gas leak. More information right here.

I was about to take this picture when I stumbled upon a group of newspaper photographers and article writers on a guided tour with someone from the management. I retrieved, hid behind the Coach store and waited for them to walk past.

Mama Carrie had the nerve to ask me to ignore those camera flashes and take only one shot ... and bolt!

Cute, aye? The newspaper photographers were after it.

Since Tangs was having their Christmas sale, I slithered inside unnoticed and killed some time by hovering around the ladies department while Mama Carrie bought pillowcases. I swear, NAPBAS was not on my mind when a row of formal gowns caught my eye. Even though I'll need my parents to pay for the gown, it doesn't mean that I can't window-shop.

We might've stayed longer if we had planned on having our dinner there.

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